A 50-minute documentary in production. It follows the steps of Karl Theodor Goldschmid (KTG). In his diaries, KTG describes his time in the Ecuadorian landscape among the isolated populations of the rainforest. KTG was among the first explorers in the Ecuadorian Amazon basin, and one of the few to return with such detailed descriptions. He also produced some extraordinary photographs, which were the first coloured images of the region. This material constitutes a reference for many historians in Ecuador and beyond.

The documentary juxtaposes the stories and images of this experience with a visit to the same regions today, now modified through civilization and progress. It portrays the beautiful scenery and traditions that still prevail, while also unveiling the fundamental changes in the social structure and the destruction of their natural environments.  

The film is ultimately a journey that explores the innocence of the past and the realities of the present, revealing the destruction, but also capturing the rare nature that has survived the last 50 years. The images and insights will depict the beauty of the region and the lives of the people in the Ecuadorian Amazon basin, both then and now. We hope to inspire those who might consider exploring this region and enlighten those whose actions might cause further destruction to this spectacular treasure.

“Goldschmid shows photographs of indigenous women masticating yucca. This is the life of the indigenous person; it’s a life of serenity. People are there in their own restricted economy but they are free without having to depend on anyone.”
Miguel Ángel Cabo de Villa, researcher