Past Exhibitions


Several events were organised around the publication of the book “De los Andes a la Amazonia del Ecuador” (From the Andes to the Amazon Basin in Ecuador) at the time of the publication in Quito and Guayaquil. Distinguished guests joined, including representatives from the Swiss Embassy, government officials, artists, art enthusiasts, historians and academics.

The events included a photo exhibition with a selection of photographs and documents of medium size: 90cm x 60cm. Approximately 25 pictures from the Goldschmid Archive. The objective of this collection of pictures was to establish a link between the past and present on the routes of the expeditions.

16 June to 12 August, 2018 , City Museum Quito (Museo de la Ciudad de Quito):
Photo exhibition “solo a través del otro puedo saber quien soy. Memorias fotográficas de la inmigración europea al Ecuador (1930-1970)”
“It is only through the other that I  can know who I am : Photographic recollections of the European immigration to Ecuador (1930-1970)”

Press coverage: El Telegrafo, 4 July 2018

16 August 2005, Metropolitan Cultural Centre Quito (Centro Cultural Metropolitano, Quito)
25 September 2005, Museo Antropológico y de Arte Contemporáneo de Guayaquil, (MAAC), Guayaquil

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A book launch and photo exhibition was also organised in Bern Switzerland in collaboration with the Ecuadorian Embassy in Bern.

November 2005, Nature and the culture of Ecuador, Vatter Garden Center, Bern

Press coverage: Swissinfo Article (in Spanish)