“From the Andes to the Amazon Basin in Ecuador”: Diary of an explorer. 1939 -1946

A book, titled “From the Andes to the Amazon Basin in Ecuador”: diary of an explorer 1939 – 1946″, was published by Heinrich Goldschmid in 2005 based on a collection of photographs, diaries, maps, sketches and other notes describing 10 expeditions that Karl Theodor Goldschmid (KTG) completed in the Ecuadorian Amazon region from 1939 to 1946.

The section of the Goldschmid Archive was chosen for publication as a result of the close affinity that KTG always maintained with Ecuador through his professional and personal experiences.

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Heinrich Goldschmid
Karl Theodor Goldschmid
Alfonso Ortiz Crespo
Spanish, Deutsch und English
22cm x 22cm
204 “full colour” – hard cover
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