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Karl Théodor Goldschmid
Routes & expeditions

Karl Theodor Goldschmid (KTG) 

1896, May 28

Born in Dättlikon, Zurich, Switzerland. He is the eldest of six siblings born to Bertha Ulrich married to Theodor Goldschmid, a protestant minister of the Dättlikon Parish from 1892 until 1905.

1903 - 1915

He starts primary school in Dättlikon and concludes with the baccalaureate in Zurich. (Freies Gymnasium Zurich)

1915 - 1924

He attends the Universities of Zurich and Bern, obtaining a Doctorate in Geology. In 1917 he is drafted to the army centre of Locarno and fulfils his active military service in World War I.

1918 - 1923

He climbs 53 peaks in the Swiss Alps, including two new routes of ascent.


He is hired by the Shell Oil Company of Holland, and works 23 years on geological surveys in several countries.

1924 - 1938

He carries out several assignments in: Paita, Peru, Maracaibo, Venezuela and Indonesia.

1931,  Nov. 19 - 21

Marriage to Leonie Armster. He travels with his wife and daughter Lonni to Tampico, Mexico, where his son Heinrich is born on 5 of May 1933.

1938, March 19

Expropriation and nationalization of all the oil companies in Mexico and subsequent transfer with the family to Guatemala.

1939, July - Sept.

While on vacation in Switzerland, World War II errupts. He is drafted to compulsory Military Service and exonerated to comply with his assignment in Ecuador.

1939 - 1946

Residency in Ecuador with the family. Here he accomplishes ten expeditions to the Amazon Basin for geological surveys.

1946, August

KTG and the family return to Zurich.

1947, October

KTG asks for his retirement from the Shell Oil Company.

1948 - 1950

KTG Works for the Geologic Commission of Switzerland.

Several social and academic circles of Zurich invited him to give presentations on his expeditions from the Andes to the Amazon Basin in Ecuador; illustrated with slide projections.

1950 - 1961

He signs a contract with Iran Oil Co.

1961 - 1982

KTG retires and returns to Switzerland, where he constructs his chalet in Laax, Flims and together with friends organizes several excursions to the Alps.

1968 - 69

He establishes contact with Dr Paul Schauenberg, promoter of the Project for National Parks in the Amazon Region for the Word Wildlife Fund.

1982, Dec. 05

Karl Theodor Goldschmid dies in Zurich at the age of 86 years.