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The publication “From the Andes to the Amazon Basin in Ecuador”: diary of an explorer. 1939 - 1946 consists of a selection of photographs; documents, maps and detailed chronicles of ten expeditions KTG made in die jungle area of Ecuador. These materials are stored in the Goldschmid Archive (Switzerland), managed by Dr. Heinrich Goldschmid and have been used in co-operation with the publishing house TRAMA in Ecuador for the publication of this book. 

The luxury edition “From the Andes to the Amazon Basin in Ecuador”: diary of an explorer. 1939 - 1946, with text in Spanish, German and English, hard cover and approx. 204 pages, belongs to the category of travel books with photographs, and targets readers with scientific and general historical interests. 

Title: “From the Andes to the Amazon Basin in Ecuador”: Diary of an explorer. 1939 -1946

Edition and selection: Heinrich Goldschmid
Original text und photographs: Karl Theodor Goldschmid
Prologue: Alfonso Ortiz Crespo
Languages: Spanish, Deutsch und English
Size: 22cm x 22cm
Pages: 204 “full colour” – hard cover
Price: €40 (Excluding mailing costs) 


The selection of photographs, maps and the abstracts of letters and newspapers of the expeditions, for this publication, was made by Dr Heinrich Goldschmid, with the assistance of the Ecuadorian editorial artist Fabiano Cueva and includes a prologue by the well known Ecuadorian historian Alfonso Ortíz Crespo. The publication will be issued on 16 August 2005.

Inventory of the complete photographic collection:
Author: Karl Theodor Goldschmid
Original format: Negative 35mm / slide 35mm / year 1939-1946
Format of the print: Ink jet high definition:
Series: One edition 2005 / 5 copies each series / sealed and signed
Size: 90cm x 60cm
Price of each photo: @ 300. - (Excluding mailing costs)

Cards and postcards, luxury editions

Luxury series of postcards and correspondence cards from a selection of the photographic stock over Ecuador of the Goldschmid Archive. Grouped in two series of 8 postcards and 8 correspondence cards, in a fine box, handmade in Balsa wood by art craftsmen of Ecuador as souvenir. 

Correspondence cards:
Photographer: Karl Theodor Goldschmid
© Archivo Goldschmid
Size: 21cm x 15cm
Price for a series of 8 cards: € 10. - (Mailing not included) 

Photographer: Karl Theodor Goldschmid
© Archivo Goldschmid
Size: 10cm X 15cm
Price for each series (10 cards): €10.- (Mailing not included)


Exhibition Ecuador - Switzerland of a selection of photographs and documents of medium size: 90cm x 60cm. Approximately 25 pictures from the Goldschmid Archive. 

The objective of this collection of pictures is to establish a link between the past and present on the routes of the expeditions.

The collection of these samples will consist of five copies sealed and signed and accessible to art collectors and interested institutions.


Photography Exhibition and book presentation:
Place: Centro Cultural Metropolitano, August 16. 2005, 19:00 h Quito – Ecuador

Photography Exhibition and book presentation:
Place: Museo Antropológico y de Arte Contemporáneo de Guayaquil, (MAAC)
September 6. 2005, 19:00 h, Guayaquil – Ecuador


Photography Exhibition and book presentation:
November 2005 - Bern

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